a thai popup

By makebistro (other events)

5 Dates Through Jan 05, 2018

*Items from menu below are subject to change


Cooking and researching Thai food is my passion – and as I constantly learn new things, it is my pleasure to share them with you at makebistro: a thai popup. This dinner series explores many styles of Thai cooking, allowing you to enjoy a delicious meal while learning about the exciting and diverse cuisine of Thailand.


Miang Som-O
pomelo, ginger, peanuts

Kai Look Keuy
eggs, fried shallot, fish sauce caramel

Yum Pla Fu
crispy fish, green papaya, dried prawns

Tom Klong Het
mushrooms, galangal, tamarind

Gai Tod
fried chicken, green chili relish

Gaeng Gari
cauliflower, tomatoes, cucumber relish

Yum Pla Meuk
squid, lemongrass, chili

Jasmine Rice

Kanom Fak Bua
pandan, coconut,

Bua Loy Nahm King
black sesame, ginger


BYOB -  There will be a complimentary Thai beer provided–please BYOB if you would like to drink additional libations.

Dietary Restrictions

In order to preserve the authenticity of the Thai menu, meat, fish, nuts and spicy peppers will be incorporated throughout the meal. Due to this, most dietary restrictions cannot be accommodated. Please notify me if there are any serious allergies, as a dinner in the future may better suit you.

Items on the menu are subject to change based on availability. 


The exact location will be sent upon receipt.